Karakoram Prime Connect Ci

Splitboardbinding fra Karakoram. Kommer med split interface for montering på splitboard.

Størrelse M tilsvarer 41.5-44.5 i skostrl.

Ci” is short for “Carbon Infused” which is the material of the highback. The Connect Ci is the siffest and most responsive binding of the Connect range. The baseplate is in contrast to the other Connect bindings equipped with a Carbon sidewall for an even more direct feel and response. This binding is responsive but is still pretty comfortable compared to the Prime bindings. It is the perfect combination between, performance, comfort and price.


The Connect Ci is a real powerhouse. The chassis is construction with Carbon infused sidewalls for an extremely direct transition of movement. The baseplate is constructed out of a combination of High Strength Alloy Aluminium and Stainless steel. This construction makes the Ci the lightest binding in the Connect Range. The Ci highback is a combination of solid Dupont Zytel and Carbon infused nylon. All 18/19 Connect bindings are equipped with an Open Chassis, from which all excess material has been removed. Apart from saving a significant amount of weight it allows the binding to flex more natural below the foot.


The Connect is equipped with a full EVA footbed with Dual Dampening. This footbed covers the baseplate from heel to toes. The footbed is equipped with a gaspedal (toe ramp for more direct edge-to-edge contact), which an industry first. This Connect binding has an Air Form Ankle strap and Air Form Toe strap. These straps are the best lightweight performance straps from Karakoram. The straps are made out of one single piece of plastic. The major cut-outs in the straps save weight and make for a tight and responsive fit around the boots.

  • kr 5 999,00
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